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Sanhe Enterprise is one of the world leading suppliers of food ingredients and additives. With strong R&D, production, distribution and technology service capability, Sanhe offers a comprehensive line of sweeteners, stabilizers and preservatives.

Sanhe's facilities are ISO9001, ISO22000, Kosher and HACCP certified. We manufactures allergen free, non BSE/TSE, non GMO products. It is well known that as the sole winner of the famous patent lawsuit in the international court against Nutrinova, Sanhe established its reputation and Sanhe Ace-K is approved by many leading food and beverage companies.

Aiming to provide better product and service to more customers, Sanhe set up a new facility with Ace-K and CMC production line in closed systems which comply GMP standards. With the state-of-the-art new facility, Sanhe successfully expands the designed annual capacity of Ace-K and CMC by 5000 Mt and 10000 Mt respectively. Sanhe will persist in keeping good faith and serving her customers with first-class products.

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